Coming Soon From Author and Illustrator Jane Stoepker

Join Ellie and Dutch on their search for the perfect cupcake shop. One was too scary. Another looked like it would tumble down. Read what perseverance, a dream, a few shenanigans along the way, and a friendship can do.

Also, "You Are Loved" is another in the works, celebrating the gifts, talents, color and flavor each human being has to offer.  A read for children and adults!

Baby Cards & Nursery Decor

This section is dedicated to the little ones of the world. Baby cards, toys, and nursery decor for the itty-bitties.  Keep scrolling to find the latest in fashionable finger puppets!  Put one one and listen to your voice change 🙂  . . . it can't be helped.  Check out the "Storybags".  These are folktales and fables along with finger puppets to tell the story.  Let me know if you are interested in purchasing and I will get you the scoop.

A Little of This, A Little of That

This is work that is constantly evolving in the form of drawing and painting. It keeps in touch with the artist within. Keeping all sides of the brain charged up.